noon design studio and natural dye house

407 e pico blvd, suite 1000
los angeles, ca 90015

dyeing services

noon design studio specializes in small to medium sized production runs for all colors including natural indigo. we mainly garment dye, but can accommodate short lengths of piece goods.
using time-tested techniques and recipes along with state of the art equipment in our downtown los angeles facility, we achieve even and consistent colors equal to those of conventional chemical dyes.
we can naturally dye cotton, linen, silk, wool or other natural fibers. please contact us about your needs for more information

**image of sample natural dye swatches


noon uses only natural dyes made from roots, bark, flowers, wood, biowaste and insects to achieve almost every color in the rainbow.
our mordants are non-toxic, and we do not use any chemicals, salts, carcinogens or heavy metals in our process.
we’ve been dyeing with plants on a commercial scale for almost 10 years

**image is of madder roots, a red dye from India that has been used for over 4,000 years. if used with an ancient process that collects dew at night and sun during the day for two weeks, it can make a glowing fire red color.

special projects

we love special projects such as hand-painting garments, collaborations on product development or even transforming manufacturing processes to natural materials.
contact us with your idea!



**image is of cochineal, a parasitic insect living on cacti from southern california all the way down through south america. the dye color ranges from fuschia to red to purple.